Whether, in the board room, the auditorium or on the manufacturing floor, Pamela’s passionate, energetic, and inspiring speaking style will engage your target audience both rationally and emotionally. Her informed and thought provoking insights on topics ranging from the advancement of women in leadership, the challenges of a multigenerational workforce or the benefits of implementing a ratings-free talent review process will leave audiences enlightened and ready for action.

Leadership Coaching

A strong proponent of lifelong learning, Pamela received her Professional Coaching Certification from The Hudson Institute in order to help business leaders continually adapt to twenty-first century challenges.  

Informed by the Hudson Institute methodology and tested by years of practical business experience, Pamela’s approach is to create learning self-sufficiency in leaders so that they can become teachers within their businesses.

With curiosity, authenticity, and an engaging style, Pamela works one-on-one or with groups – as a sole practitioner or as part of a coaching team – to help individuals and organizations harness the power of learning to reach specific business objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Accelerating the integration and ultimately the successful engagement and retention of the talent in your acquisition is often critical to the planned revenue targets. No matter what region of the world, Pamela has enjoyed working for the acquiring company – guiding the newly acquired teams, leaders, and founder(s) – to enable desired synergies and long term growth.  


Having supported compensation and governance committees for over a dozen years, Pamela understands the board of directors agenda. New governance and shareholder interests present unique challenges for committees and their C-Suite who reach out to Pamela as a sounding board and sound advisor.  

Human Resource Consulting

Ram Charan may be right. In his thought-provoking article It’s Time to Split HR (Harvard Business Review, July-August 2014), he argues for the bifurcation of HR along functional lines – one focused on administration and the other on leadership and enterprise.

If you’re interested in eliminating talent ratings, increasing communication, and providing a focus on authentic leadership – while leaving HR processes to company service centers – then Pamela is the right person to talk to.

The same is true if you’re a Human Resources leader in need of some team development, a fresh perspective on the impact internal communications can have on enterprise performance or effective ways to motivate and engage a multigenerational workforce. 

Instructional Design/Training

After years of helping learners find motivation and connect with content, Pamela has developed effective methods for “getting the light bulb to go on” for people and aligning that goal with a company’s business objectives.

Pamela can help you build on your existing learning programs to compliment the foundation you have or help develop a fresh learning strategy to match your business objectives.

A continual learner herself, Pamela embraces new techniques and stays current and literate in existing and emerging learning technologies.